2 Close-up - MilanaSmelly  (HD / 1.15 GB)

2 Close-up! The first was Amina – in her shit there were a lot of seeds from grapes, which crunched loudly in my mouth. Amina did not visit the toilet for 4 days and for me it was very difficult! I really wanted this, but when Amina started feeding I realized that it was terribly nasty and difficult! When Amina left I felt relieved, but Christina entered the room and I was waiting for a new smelly test!
I decided to do it again - MilanaSmelly  (HD / 837 MB)

I decided to do it again! 3 months I did not eat female shit and now I decided to try again! I had some vomiting and swallowing seemed to me a hell, it was very difficult and disgusting, and yet this is just one girl – I thought at that moment. I realized – to be a cool toilet slave – you need constant practice! You can not serve as a toilet for 5-8 girls several times a year, it’s impossible. To serve several girls you need a constant practice – this should be a part of your life. Now I’m not used to it, but my previous record is 5 girls and I’m proud of it!
Painting With Enema And Shit - evamarie88  (FullHD / 696 MB)

Watch me painting and i tell you i just cant find the right shade of brown, i ponder and then it clicks its scatshop right but im going to need to try it on your first just to see its right. I spray my arse juice in your direction and push shit out my arse. Perfect! Now watch me spray my arsejuice at the painting, making all the paint run. I then do it again in your direction giving you a cum countdown and dirty talking to you wwhile i spray out my arse
When You Eat My Shit Drives Me Crazy - evamarie88  (FullHD / 839 MB)

So i was just going to bed then i got that grumble my arsehole twitched and i logged online and chose you to eat my raw shit. I show you the container and tell you how i love a guy eating my scat so bad and how it makes my pussy drip. I run my fingers over my pussy so you see how sticky it is before bending over and pushing out my raw shit into a containor that im going to mail to you… I then go on to tell you what i want to see you do with it how to let it melt inside your mouth how to chew it how to swallow. Eating my the foods thats gone straight through me and then going straight into you is the most amazing thing any man can do for me
Panties And Pussy Stuffed With Shit - evamarie88  (FullHD / 1.31 GB)

Watch me in white leggings and panties pee and fill them up with shit… I scoop my hand down the back and grab a handful of shit and stuff down the front of my knickers. I then grind my pussy into them before peeling off my soiled pants and smearing it all over my pussy and body. I push my shit into my pink little hole and push it out a few times before stuffing my hole back up and getting back dressed for the night… Going to sleep knowing my pussy is filled with my shit is so naughty yet so taboo i love it